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View from Opaque Windows  
The Night Migrations  
In The Empty Field  
Ashes to Ashes 
Another Fugue  
Inside The Temple  
It's Rapture that Counts  
Unmarked Paths to the Temple
Lines for Winter   
Before The Blue Rivers Run Dry  
for Ludwig
Because Light is Never Still  
Complete in an Unexplained Completion
To Mark the Path to the Temple
The Origin of the First Note 
Into All of Our Imaginings  
The Origin of the First Note  
In Silences of its Own
Landscape Through Train Windows
From One Pilgrimage to Another
It´s Rapture that Counts
If Only Dusk Had Not Fallen Into Night
Entrance to the Temple
Before Beautiful Ballads Become Echoes
Two Paths to the Temple
On the Way to the Temple
Concerto in D Minor
To Contribute a Verse
To Contribute a Verse
To Bloom with Abandon
At the Still Point of the Turning World
All The Blue Silence
To Fill the Spaces Where My Body´s Been 
Blackcurrant River
The At The Edge of the Body´s Night
Interpretations of the Horizon
Interpretations of an Arid Landscap
The Weight of the Horizon
And the Light and the Ash are One
 The First Six Notes of Fugue No. 9
The Light that Gets Through
Counterlight as Counterpoint
Fugue No. 9
Interpretations of Light
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